Friday, April 10, 2009

Black and White: VOTING!

Good morning everyone! I will be taking over the voting part of our challenges, to take something off of Rachel's plate.

We had a really good showing for this challenge, so I'm excited to see the results. I'm guessing there will be a lot of honorable mentions.

Last challenge's winners were Mindy, Brittney, Erin, and April F (since we had two two-way ties), so don't vote for them this time around. Honorable mentions are welcome, though.

Please remember the voting system...
Plus extra shout-outs.

Voting ends at midnight tonight.


Lindy said...

Best Take on the Challenge: Teri
Best OVerall Photo: Jackie

Shoutouts: Rachel, Erin, Teryn, Amanda, Julie

Wow, I had a hard time with deciding who to choose for "Best Take", but it came down to who had the best contrast between the black and white.

Also, I've had a few people ask what I mean when I say "Level Adjustment Layer", so I'm putting together a tutorial on my photography page.

I'm hoping to have it up no later than 08:00 PST this morning.

Rachel H. said...

Lindy, would you mind just doing that as the friday feature? I think it's a great one considering! I can always move mine to another day!

Rachel H. said...

Okay, gonna vote now...this was SOOOO HARD! Seroiusly. Every time I thought I had a winner, I saw another one I liked too!

Best take on the challenge: KATY. I absolutely loved the simplicity of her picture and her black and white take on a normally colorful subject! BEAUTIFUL job!

Best overall: LINDY - This was so stinkin' tough. I wanted to name EVERYONE! There were so many good ones. But as I scrolled through, the one that caught my eye over and over was Lindy with her chair.

Jackie,Kristine N, AMANDA, teryn, Teri, Stephanie, Lindy, DAVE, Janette, brittney, Alynn, Mindy, Melinda. EVERYONE did so well!

Teri said...

I totally agree with Rachel, this is a super hard challange to vote, everyone did an amazing job.
Best Take: Teryn
Best Overall: Felicia

Honorable mention: Lindy, Katie and Jackie.
Shout outs to EVERYONE else... to hard to just pick a few!

Jackie said...

Best Overall: Lindy...;) So good and deff. eye catching. Loved it.
Best Take: Teryn.....

Shoutouts to Rachael..(I loved it)...Cahrles& Amanda..great shot....Blake..very funny....gosh all soo good!!

Lindy said...

Not a prob Rachel, I can just copy and paste from my unposted post (heh heh) on my photogblog.

Melinda said...

Best Take:Katy

Best Overall:Teryn

This WAS tough! Loved it, though! Awesome pictures, everyone!!

Rachel H. said...

OOOOH!!! HOORAY! Thank you Lindy!

The Wisers said...

Best Take: Katy

Best Overall: Lindy

This was a hard one to vote on, everyone did such a great job!

zealygirl said...

Best Take: Amanda

Best Overall: Rachel H.

Brittney said...

Best take: Katy
Best Overall: Lindy! Lindy! Lindy! LOVED IT!!!

Other favorites: Jackie, Kristine, Erin, Dave and Rachel

Rachel H. said...

OH WAIT! Another BIG shoutout to BREEZI! She had some really great shots on her blog!!!

Katy said...

NO JOKING RIGHT NOW.... I'm. ECSTATIC! I called Husband at work, jumping up and down, I scream into the phone: I got votes, I got votes!!!! Mucho MUCHO gusto!!!

Totally a difficult vote... i scrolled, rescrolled, and rescrolled again... SOOO HARD!

best take: Brittany -- wow, the wood shot is just insane... I LOVE the details... love it

best overall: Lindy-- oh the chair... it's calm and gritty at the same time... WOW!!! I LOVE the feel and look of it all

and some honorable mentions: Dave's bridge, Rachel's sign, Mindy's sad little duck, and Amanda's fire. Wow. Just. Wow.

Felicia H. said...

Best take an challange Amanda
Best overall Jackie

Holly said...

best take Blake
Best overall Britney

Erin Wageman said...

best take: Teri
Best overall: Rachel

More Sweet shots!!!
Lindy, Katy, Jackie, Mindy, Melinda, Felica, Teryn, and Blake Yours cracked me up! Okay I really liked a lot of the pictures on here!! It was really hard to choose, I had to write down names and what I liked about them in order to choose!! Great job everyone!

Dave said...

Best Take: Amanda
Best over all: Felicia

Amanda when My wife said you took a pic of a fire and made it Black and white I was not that impressed but after seeing it I was Amazed. I never would have though a fire would look GREAT in B&W. good job!

Felicia very elegant picture!

Shout out to Jackie and Rachel

{Alynn} said...

This is HARD!
Best Take: Dave
Best Overall: Rachel

A super shout out to Erin. I love that shot! Great job everybody!!!

Mindy said...

Best Take: Melinda
Best Overall: Teryn

Great job, everyone!!! Oh, and I'm out of town, but I think my computer is back in action at home... yay!! I'll be back with my comments next time. :)

Teryn said...

Best Take: Jackie
Best Overall: Rachel

Candace said...

I feel like I probably shouldn't vote because I didn't post this time, but I'm going to anyway...

Best Take: Amanda
Best Overall: Teryn

Shout-outs: Jackie, Dave, LIndy, Mindy, Teri (Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!), Janette, Felicia.. and others.. these are just the ones that really stood out to me, great job everyone!!!

Janelle said...

Best take: Rachel
Best overall: Teryn

Shoutouts: Breezi, Amanda, Melissa, Lindy (you came in a close second behind Rachel for best take for me), Janette, and Mindy (I love the simple emotion of the picture...the duck really does look sad!)