Friday, March 20, 2009


Okay, many of you asked for voting of the best picture per challenge. I think we talked about 2-3 categories...this is just a trial run, so we can tweak things later.

What do you think about voting for:


Sound okay?
And, I think it only fair that you can win only once per calendar month. What do you think?? I will post the winners each challenge on the sidebar.

In wondering how to do all this, I wondered if you guys think we should have one post to nominate your choice for each and then vote for the top choices from there?

I really want to get this part going. I know Janelle offered to help get this organized too--so I appreciate that!! A little feedback and we will be on our way. I think the best approach is to get this all figured out today and tomorrow and then after this weekend's challenge we can start voting each challenge.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts??


AprilF said...

Those categories sound good to me! I don't know that I like the restrictions on voting/winning. I understand the reason for them, though. But I don't really want to be voting just because. By the time you got to the end of the month for voting you'd only have one photo to choose from.I would hope that a competition would serve to make everyone try harder. Just my thoughts!

Teryn said...

You should be able to put a poll on the sidebar- that would make it really easy. I love the idea of having the contest. I think it gives a little extra incentive to participate more- more entries mean more opportunities! (I'm excited)

Teryn said...

Oh- and what if there was a category for SOOC- so people without photoshop don't have to feel like the effects are winning. (It doesn't bother me- I just remember there were some concerns before)

Rachel H. said...

I am okay if we change the amount of times you can be entered to win to more than once a month. I know there was some concern about people feeling like they would never have a chance. But I am open. Just trying to be fair to everyone. Should we say you just can't win if you have won the previous week and call it good at that?

Holly said...

what does SOOC mean. I am just learning all this stuff for bare with me.

Janelle said...

With 16 opportunities a month to win, I think limiting someone to one win per month is too limited. I think it should be limited to one win per week (which allows one win out of four opportunities).

We could put a poll on the sidebar, but the text is very limited, so if someone has a longer title to their photo, it won't fit. There are a couple of options:

(1) We can put a poll widget at the top of the posts section, and it will stay there until we take it down.

(2) We can use a non-Blogger program to embed a poll within a specific post (I've done this before), and then leave a gadget at the top with a link to the voting post. One benefit of this method is that within the post, we can also include links to the specific posts/pictures that are being voted on.

(3) We can just vote by comment/email.

(I'm still willing to help out with this, if you want.)

Blake said...

I think those are good catagories. Do you think we should keep the voting anotomous (however you spell that. Either put a poll on the side or have everyone comment in one post but choose private if it is allowed on here instead of their google/blogger id. Unless everyone is ok with their vote being known. I dont care either way personally.

Also I was thinking you could win once per catagory per month. Im ok with either.

Mindy said...

Holly, SOOC means straight out of camera (no editing done).

My opinions (nobody needs to listen ;):

Those two categories sound good, although I wonder if doing two would make more work, and make it more difficult to figure out what is going on. Either way, I'm fine.

I agree that a once a month win would be too limiting. If I was the one who won at the end of the month, I'd feel like I just won by default because nobody else was left. ;) Once a week would be fine, to me.

I don't think having a SOOC category would be a good idea. Then do we have a point and shoot category? A category for those who haven't been taking pictures for long? A category for those who have to work and don't have as much time to take pictures? You see what I mean?

I have no idea how to work the logistics of the whole thing. I'm sorry! Oh, and I have no problem with people knowing who I vote for. I think it's nice if they know I especially appreciated their photograph. We're all grown-ups here, right? ;)

Rachel H. said...

As for voting, I was just wondering how to narrow it down. I think it's a lot of work to put every single person who did the challenge into a poll each challenge. So I thought it we did it my nomination, we could take the top winners and either have people vote on the top 3 nominations to pick a winner or just take the person who had the most nominations and call them the winner. Make sense?

Teryn said...

I say top three nominations then vote- then even those who don't win can still feel special that they were among the top. It may be a little more work but I think it would be fun and we could always simplify later if it ends up being too much

Wageman Family said...
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Erin Wageman said...

I like the top three nominations idea! I think that would be a lot of fun. Doing it just as a post is a great idea and would be really easy!
Rachel, I had an idea about showcasing the winners pictures on a separate blog to make them easier to look through. Maybe instead of doing it just on the side bar, so it doesn't get to crowded in here!

Felicia H. said...

I think competition would be fun I don't care much what all the rules are. The only thig I think is that there should be no limit on how often any one person could win.

Melinda said...

I like the competition. I like the top three, then vote. I really like the idea of a separate, but linked, blog for all the 'showcases'. Let's get this trial started! :)

Rachel H. said...

Okay, sounds good! I think it will actually be EASIER to pick the top 3 nominations and then vote. Sounds great to me.

I will get a blog set up to showcase the winning pictures. I think that's such a great idea!!

Okay! I think we're on the right track. Thank you everyone for your ideas. I have obviously never done a blog like this one before, and just want to make sure everyone has a fun time.

Melinda said...

Uhmmmmm...Are we having a challenge this weekend?

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Sounds great!