Friday, March 27, 2009

Let the voting begin!

Okay! WOW! Amazed, yet again. A WONDERFUL round of pictures! I am truly impressed--thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for really pushing yourselves with this. I feel so inspired!

So, as tough as this will be, let the voting begin!

Be sure to just put in your comment:
BEST OVERALL PICTURE:_______________

And then you can add any additional comments of shoutouts. :)

Again, I can't thank all of you ENOUGH for sharing your beautiful art so freely. I am in awe at how much everyone is improving, and how quickly!

VOTING CLOSES TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. Winners announced tomorrow morning. :)



Shanda Call said...



I LOVED Mindy's very colorful one, but since she won last time...

And I really liked Rachels fountain picture, and Teri's lines in her fence picture, and I thought Alynns potato head was hillarious...that one almost got my vote...this was such a hard choice! Wow on all the pictures this time around.

Melinda said...

Best take on the challenge: {Alynn}

Best overall picture: Leann (and Chris)

My runner-up for best take was Janelle and my runner-up for best overall was Mindy. Yeah, everyone!!

Candace said...

Best Take: Alynn

Best Overall Picture: Leann

Great job girls!

Shout-outs: Shanda, Mindy, Teryn, April F, Carly, and Teri... I really loved your pictures too!

Mindy said...

Best Take: LEANN
Best Overall: SHANDA

Shanda's was posted after midnight, but not after midnight HER time, so I'm figuring it's legitimate, right?

Honorable Mentions go to: Lindy, Alynn, Melissa, Teri, Stephanie, Carly, Rachel, Teryn

Teryn said...

Best Take: Alynn
Best Overall: Teri

This was a tough one! These were all SO great!

Teri said...

Best Take on Challange: LeeAnn
Best Overall Picture: Lindy.

All Pictures were fantastic...such a hard decision. Good job ladies and gents!

Lindy said...

Wow, great photos everyone!

Best Take: Mindy
Best Overall: Felicia

The Wisers said...

Best Take On Challenge: Alynn
Best Overall Picture: Leann

Felicia H. said...

Best take on the challenge rachel
Best overall april f

Jen said...

Best Take: Alynn
Best Photo: Mindy and Shanda (I know I'm only supposed to vote for one, but in case Mindy can't win two in a row, I'm voting for Shanda's)

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Best Take: Melissa
Best Overall: Leann

Erin Wageman said...

Best Take: Leann
Best Overall: Shanda

{Alynn} said...

Bext take on Challenge: LeAnn
Best Overall Picture: Lindy

Janelle said...

Best take on challenge: Alynn
Best overall photo: LeAnn

Honorable mention: Shanda, Teri, Mindy

@Rachel...when we vote, can you please put in the post whoever won the last time around, so we know not to nominate them again? Thanks. :)

Rachel H. said...

This was tough!

Best take on Challenge: Leanne
Best Overall photo: Lindy

But really, like I said before, everyone did a GREAT job! SO impressed!

And yes, Janelle, I will add the winners next time. Sorry...still learning.

Blake said...

Best take on Challenge: Leanne
Best Overall photo: Lindy

Breezi said...

Best overall: Lindy
Take on challenge: Alynn