Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hero: WAAAAAY out of the box

I almost feel sacrilegious posting something so flippant for this topic, but it's what I've got. This is the book I'm currently reading for my book group. I chose it, and I'm unbelievably excited to read it. I am feeling so nerdy. I chose it for "hero" because anyone who writes a book on the ill-fated consequences of poorly used punctuation is a hero in my book (get it? in my book?). Sorry. I'm a bad pun waiting to happen.

About the photo: I placed the book inside a nook in my coffee table, pulled the table out from the window so that I could get in front of it in the natural light. I took a series of shots, then picked my favorite. I sharpened the image, so the lines on the text are cleaner, and the texture of the book cover shows up a little bit. I darkened the shadow so that the reflection was still there, but not nearly as distracting as it had been before.

(EDIT: I forgot to add CC.)


Blake said...

great ideas to take that shot. It was a good idea! Looks great to me.

Rachel H. said...

Great idea!! I love the reflection on the table/

AprilF said...

Very neat- I love the creativity (and the pun ;)). Great job removing all distraction!

Teryn said...

Very nice- the reflection is perfect. I do have to admit though. I almost didn't get the title of the book. Eats, shoots, and leaves- HA HA, he he he!