Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Color in here

I wanted to think out of the box and went for the bowl. Toilet bowl. Sorry it is grows but its true. A lot of things of different colors go in here. So here is food coloring not flushed let sit for about 1 minute. I took several angles but the light refracted with a glare. This one was less so. I used a picture editor to sharpen, saturate more color. No flash. CC on the taking of the photo not on how gross that many be, please lol :)Posted by Picasa


Blake said...

removed the last one and reposted it cus it kept not working. thanks for letting me know.

I hope you all understand the humor in this also. Please keep comments clean as I know this kind of subject can create potty humor. LOL!

Maybe I shouldnt have kept this one!

Shanda Call said...

Ha. This is rather funny. Who would have thought to do a shot like this?

It made some pretty colors. Maybe burn around the edges create more focus on the colors rather than the toilet itself

Riggs Family said...

A bold move! Great work!

Mindy said...

I don't even know what to say about this one... hmmm... I am impressed at how clean your toilet is (besides the food coloring). My toilet is definitely more gross.

Rachel H. said...

This is a cool way to go! :) I mean, really great way to experiment and be creative! That is a really important thing when developing your talent. Way to go!

Blake said...

I was afraid people would be upset that I put this on. My wife said I shouldnt put it on.

Im glad that it has gotten some responses. Again sorry if I offended anyone.