Sunday, March 8, 2009

Color and Celebration

This was not a good photography week for me. I was slammed and these challenges were hard! It didn't help, either, that I misread the second challenge. I thought we were doing Birthday. Anyway, here goes:
True Colors

Nikon D90, 200 mm, 1/3 sec., F 5.6

Sydney in her party dress.

Nikon D90, 24mm, 1/25 sec., F4.5

I cropped the picture and tried to blur the background to make it less distracting, but I don't think it worked.


Jen said...

LOL! Now that I see the picture up on the blog, there is a very clear line where I traced around Sydney to blur the background. I guess I will have to keep working on my photoshop skills :)

Mindy said...

Wow, you arranged those crayons carefully! I took a bunch of pictures of crayons a few challenges ago, and I know they didn't line themselves up that way! ;) Cool effect!

Shanda Call said...

I like both of the pictures. The colors are so warm and they look great. I would have liked to see your dog picture cropped a little differently, maybe closer to the dog to bring it into more of the focus of the picture