Sunday, March 8, 2009

Celebration of my senses

There is just something about a warm shower with good water pressure and a nice shower head to make you feel better. I like to take a warm shower when my kids are starting to make me go a little crazy and when I just need to escape. It helps clear your mind and it feels good on your skin.
I was experimenting with more settings on my camera and also trying to get it to take pictures at a faster speed. I decided to take pictures of moving water like this i need a camera with a better shutter speed. I tried different effects in photo editors but nothing by auto color helped bring out the water drops better.


Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

I had the hardest time taking pictures of water droplets in our shower for the "fresh" post, so I completely understand what a challenge you had! And I second your emotion--showers do make you feel better. --Jenny

Mindy said...

I haven't yet tackled the challenge of water droplets, so I have no idea!

Blake said...

I am glad Im not the only one who doesnt know how to do it.

I know there are some pros out there that might have an idea feel free to post if you do!

Riggs Family said...

Pretty cool!