Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beloved Coffee Table

This coffee table was already old and worn when we purchased it at a thrift store. We were newly married, feathering our tiny one-bedroom nest with used furniture. I loved this weather-beaten little table from the moment I saw it, and have insisted that we keep it, no matter how many times we move. One of my favorite things about it is that the EDGES are so worn - I love the old look, plus it means that my kids won't be able to make it look any worse!

I had trouble with this one, I think it's hard to take a picture of the edge of something! I tried to get pictures at the library and just couldn't get anything to look quite like I wanted. I'm still not convinced that I got this picture to look just the way I want, but all my batteries are used up and I'm photographed out!



Mindy said...

I like how the edge is "something". It's worn, it's loved... good job!

Teri said...

This picture reminds me of my old coffe table that my puppy has been teething on.. but I still love it and I love your picture. Good coloring and I like how the back round is blurred and brings out the focus on the legs of the table. Very nicely done.

Rachel H. said...

I love the worn look!! Good edge!