Saturday, March 14, 2009

Automatic Stress Relief

(D70, ISO 1000, f3.8, 1/50, shot in indirect sunlight, slightly sharpened)

With our 5 1/2 month old twins, we don't go ANYWHERE for longer than 10 minutes without our ridiculously huge diaper bag, which we pack with two bottles, bottled water, two sectioned formula containers, tons of diapers, toys, extra binkies, six burp clothes, six bibs, wipes, two extra outfits in case of explosions, the changing pad, and mommy's wallet and cell phone. The bag was sitting on the ottoman in our living room after a trip to the doctor today, and as soon as I saw the subject, I thought of the bag because it's become so automatic to pack that while we're getting ready to go anywhere that we barely have to even think about it anymore. Like the title states, just knowing that we have all those supplies at hand also automatically lowers the stress level...the only thing we can't fit in there is their swings! No real editing done, just a slight sharpen and resizing. CC


zealygirl said...

Great thought; cute bag!

Rachel H. said...

GREAT texture shown! I love the richness of the brown.