Sunday, March 15, 2009

Automatic Everything

Whenever I am feeling a little frazzled, I always get automatic pleasure from drinking a nice can of soda and doing either quilting or scrapbooking.
This soda also represents automatic lecture. My oldest daughter says that I shouldn't be drinking soda at all, as it isn't healthy for our bodies. She even prays that I will stop drinking "the bad drink with the cherries on it" during her nightly prayers. Talk about an automatic guilt trip! Sorry baby.... Sometimes the only thing that is keeping you and your sister alive is my nice caffeinated soda. Maybe I'll quit once you move out of the house.


Rachel H. said...

Too funny! What a smart little daughter you have! :)

Shanda Call said...

Ha ha! Nice shot of the can! I give my husband lectures about drinking sodas too. Nice lighting!