Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Automatic Enjoyment

Sorry this is so late. There has been a ton of sickness in our family. Our little boy was sick, then my wife, now me. So....pictures have just not been on the top of my list for a bit. But, I'm back. This is a picture of our sons fishtank that his aunt got him for Christmas. There are 3 little fish in it. Every morning he has to run to find his fish, and this is also his nightlight. He absolutely loves it, and enjoys it. He can spend minutes watching them. Also, when he eats breakfast, he watches is "baby can read" videos, and will watch for the full 45 minutes. For us, it is "Automatic Enjoyment" and we can get our morning things accomplished. It's great!!

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Katy said...

oh he is SO CUTE! we're contemplating getting a fish since our daughter can't get enough of them at the doctor's office! it's fun to see kids and what they AUTOMATICALLY enjoy (and forever too!)