Sunday, March 8, 2009

Almost a Cause for Celebration (and Color)

When both of my children are asleep at the same time, to me that is a cause for celebration. It's a rarity because my little girl doesn't usually take naps. So when she started nodding off this afternoon, I started quietly rejoicing - peace and quiet! Hooray!

Except that her brother woke up about two seconds after I took the picture. Sigh. I took this picture in natural light from the window, then made it black and white because the colors from the pillow and the dress were distracting from the peacefulness of the scene.

And here is my Color picture - the colors of Spring and Easter. This is the kids' little Easter basket that they like to play with.

I liked the idea of using this as a subject because right now the colors of Spring are so cheerful - a welcome break from the dreary browns and grays of winter. We don't have much color outside yet so I had to search for inspiration inside. Again, natural light from the window, crouched down on the ground and used the floor to steady the camera.



Mindy said...

So funny that she fell asleep sitting up like that! Naps are definitely cause for celebration... especially if MOM gets a nap! ;)

Jackie said...

Halelujha....NOTHING better than a good nap!

Janelle said...

You're right...the black and white is very peaceful. I like it.