Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Stain Remover

Okay so this is my hero. I have lots of people that I could have gotten a picture of, but I took this way out of the box. I use this not only on carpet, but also on the laundry.



Janelle said...

I'm going way out of the box too, don't worry. I'm glad someone else did. :)

I like the angle you shot at.

princess jen said...

Interesting subject! Here's one tip i've found useful for indoor flash photography: When you're using a flash, try not to put the "subject" against a wall because then you get a shadow rim all around it. You could try bouncing the flash (off of the ceiling or using a diffuser) or moving subject further away from surfaces that would cast a shadow (such as a wall). You could also try combining this technique with a blurred background by zooming in as far as you can and then backing up as far as you'd like (depending on how you'd like to frame/compose your photo), this will blur the background and reduce the impact of the shadow.

Blake said...

great out of the box thinking it really is!
Only thing to me it looks like you used the flash to me. Maybe position it nearer the window or something against that dark background and turn off the flash.
If that is what you did it still looks great. The background really helps make the bottle pop out white!

AprilF said...

I love this out of the box thinking! I agree with Jen about pulling it further away from the wall when you use flash.

Rachel H. said...

Way to think outside the box! Agree with the above, but great way to go on this one!! :)