Saturday, February 7, 2009

Someday I'll Be Prompt


My family is Awesome. We are a bit Crazy. When you get the bunch of us together.... you might want to have a camera ready, you never know what will happen! I am not sure how this tradition started, but somewhere a long the line a crazy relative who had a pair of super ugly chartreuse socks and decided that someone else should have them. So, they got passed as a gift. That person decided that someone else should enjoy the loveliness of the socks, so they got passed again. Then someone went to Goodwill, found a matching ugly cardigan and added it to the things to pass around. Then my grandma gave me this ugly purse, and it started making it's rounds too.
To me this is just a really fun tradition. This tradition been going around our family for over a decade.
Right now I have in my possession this lovely purse. I am deciding who needs it next. What is the most fun about this: Nobody knows who has what, until you actually get it! It's wonderful to open something so ugly and full of love!


My little sweet Maggie is a total shadow. She is a mimic of everyone, especially her sister. If Alli is being silly, then Maggie is being silly. If Alli is upset by something I said, Maggie is upset at me because I made Alli upset. If Alli is exploring and causing mischief, so is Maggie.
She is so much fun to watch and observe. My hope is that when she's a teenager (and when she's an adult too), she'll shadow good virtuous women, full of faith and love.


Candace said...

I love your interpretation of the shadow challenge. Very cool. And that is so sweet that your girls are so close like that!

AprilF said...

Looks like we had similar ideas for the shadow challenge- I love the expressions you caught. They are adorable! And Great tradition- very fun.

princess jen said...

I love your tradition photo. I like how it takes up the whole frame and I love the story that goes with it. Cute girls too!

Shanda Call said...

I like how the couch closes around the girls, and the burn around the edges it creates