Monday, February 23, 2009

Reflection: A purer time

I was a Strawberry Shortcake fanatic as a little girl. I also played with Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids, and My Little Pony. Strawberry Shortcake was quite possibly my favorite. It's a toss-up with Rainbow Brite. Well, SS has made a comeback (as have all the others, except for Rainbow Brite, which I don't really like to talk about), but she's been re-vamped. She wearing blue jeans and purple shirts. Huh? A few years ago, my mom got me a pair of SS pajama pants for Valentine's Day. You're looking at them. They're the original SS. The "pure" one. I feel like a little kid when I put them on. They make me happy.

About the photo: the only editing software I have is Paint, MS Picture Viewer, and Picasa. The black-and-white/color effect was created in Picasa. It's not great, I know, but the original by itself was worse, if you can believe it.

(Sorry I'm camera battery died yesterday, and I'm not sure where my spare is.)


Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

It's fun to look back and reflect on the toys and shows you loved as a kid. And crazy how some of them are making a comeback--though none of them are as good as the original, I totally agree. I was a big My Little Pony fan as a kid myself (and kept a few for my little girls to play with someday)! --Jenny

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