Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reflection of a earlier time

I was with my kids in the afternoon the other day and I started to reflect back to what it was like as a kid. Do you remember what it was like to love to swing without getting dizzy or sick to your stomach? Do you remember the thrill of a little tiny plastic slide in a sandbox or wood chips? I thought about it and it was odd because I cant remember the feeling only the idea that it was fun. It's like I'm Peter Pan from the movie Hook, I have forgotten everything.


Mindy said...

What a cute picture! I love the look on your little girl's face.

The colors seem a little bit dull... I thought I'd pass on an idea that I used to do when I had a point and shoot (I'm guessing you have a point and shoot?). I always shot in the custom color mode, with the contrast and saturation boosted all the way (you could also shoot in vivid mode)and it seemed to make the colors pop a bit more. I don't know what settings your camera has exactly, but it's worth looking into! You always have such cute shots of your kids!

Blake said...

Thanks my kids are my life! and thanks for the tips im going to play with my Point and shoot(PaS) now.

Jackie said...

I LOVE this pic!!!