Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reflecting My Heritage

I have always, ALWAYS been told that I look just like my mother. Sometimes I resented it, but mostly I felt it was a compliment. So this is a photo of me, reflecting on an image of my mother, who I try to be like.
While looking for this photograph that I knew I had of her, I found a photo copy of a book I made for her, for mother's day my senior year of high school, that also mentions reflections, so I will include it for fun. This is a song my mom and I used to sing together, the first verse, I mean, then I made up the second (and a third) verse and added pictures that showed how much alike we were and are. In both instances below, the left is my mother and the right is me. In case anyone's curious, the third verse I made up was, "Lookin' at a picture, What do I see? I see the woman I'd like to be. Lookin' at a picture, what do I do? I work and pray so maybe someday, I can be just like you." My mom loved this!


Stephanie said...

That's really neat! You and your mom are both very beautiful. :-)

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

What a sweet idea (for both your picture and your mom's present). I can see why your mom loved your present! --Jenny

Kathy said...

It was fun to see pictures of your mom way back then. What beautiful pictures of both of you! And what a special present for her.