Monday, February 2, 2009

Portraits and Dreams

Hi, I'm Jenny, here in today's "self portrait," taken to display the scarf I just knitted. In a nutshell, I am an artist and a stay-at-home-soon-to-be-mother. I recently aquired a Nikon D-40 (thanks hubbie!), and would love to use this blog as a means for better understanding my camera and refining my photography skills (photography being a lifelong hobby of mine). I look forward to taking on these Mission 24 challenges and getting some feedback on my pictures!
And as it seems that "Dreams" is the latest challenge, I'll explain how this picture covers that as well. My biggest dream in life is to be a successful wife and mother, and in this picture I am 1 1/2 years happily married and 6 months pregnant, and thus am in the beginning stages of my dream journey. And with that, my mission on this blog has begun!


zealygirl said...

Great craftsmanship on your scarf! I've always admired people with such skills.

Rachel H. said...

YAY!! JENNY IS HERE! Always a party when you're around! Love the scarf!

Alynn and Todd said...

You have a beautiful, happy smile! Congratulations on your marriage and pregnancy... welcome to the club!