Monday, February 2, 2009

LeAnn's Dream

This picture was taken on auto mode, and I took a bunch of different angles. They all looked like just snap shots. In this one I zoomed in to make it look a bit more visually pleasing. Not the best shot but it represents my dream.
This can actually represent 3 dreams that I have.
1. Procrastination.... I took this picture this morning. I wish all the time that I wasn't a procrastinator. Better late than never though. Right???
2. A new fence..... Oh, how I wish we could put in a new fence!!! I dream of a cinder block privacy one. But to be realistic, I live on a DOUBLE, CORNER lot. It's just way to much money for us right now. This fence is in shambles the trampoline has blow through it a couple of times, and has been nailed back together by my handyman of a husband. But it keeps the kids, and the dog in, and people out.
3. A garden....This is where I was suppose to plant my garden for the past 3 years, but the procrastination in to play. This year though, this year, I will make my dream come true!!!!


Mindy said...

Good job finding the pleasing shot! I love zooming in, and usually like the close-ups better than any others.

princess jen said...

This picture is so interesting. I'm glad you explained it because I was in a "pioneer woman" kind of mood and instead of a backyard I saw a dusty ranch full of all sorts of possible adventures. I love the coloring and the close-up was a good idea. I can't wait to see garden photos this summer!

zealygirl said...

I love the hope that is expressed through this picture.

Rachel H. said...

i AGREE with Jen--super interesting shot! So much potential there!

Malissa said...

It was an interesting shot. I too couldn't tell it was a backyard shot. Nice job.