Thursday, February 26, 2009

Freshly Falling Snow

Wishing I knew more about camera tricks. The falling snow today was pretty, but I just had a difficult time getting a clear shot of SNOW against the white sky! Also, I'm new to this "burning" tool and such!


Shanda Call said...

I like your idea, and I like the composition of it. If you wanted to be able to make the snow stand out better, then it would be a better idea to not focus it towards the sky...because the sky will through off your camera meter, and it will wash your picture out. But if you had pointed it lower, towards a darker area than the sky, the snowflakes would stand out better.

But I really like the tree coming up there either it would have been the tree, or the snowflakes, and I think the tree looks awesome!

AprilF said...

I really like the aged look of this!