Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Challenge: Tradition (and a few reminders)

This one might be kind of tough...but I am anxious to see what everyone comes up with! :)

Wednesday's Challenge is: TRADITION

What does this mean to you? How do YOU interpret the word?

Let's see what you've got! As always, let's aim for all your pictures to be submitted by THURSDAY at MIDNIGHT...

ALSO--we have had a lot of newbies this week!! WELCOME!!! If anyone HASN'T posted a self-portrait already, PLEASE DO SO!! Even though the challenge is technically over, we would all love to meet you and put names and faces together.

-LABEL YOUR POSTS with your name and the challenge name!! This helps so we can sort through the massive amounts of posts we get going in here...which is wonderful!

-CC means the poster is open for critique on their picture.

-One more thing...I understand that commenting is not always possible ALL the time, but please be considerate in this department. I noticed it is a lot of the same small handful of people commenting over and over...but yet there are over 30 members of this group. Part of participating is giving feedback now and then to your fellow photograpers. Please keep this in mind.

Thanks everyone for contributing! This is so much more amazing than I ever could have imagined when I started!


Kritta22 said... to find tradition!

Teryn said...

I was just thinking- it might be helpful if we all put the challenge word as our label. That way we can pull up the pictures by thier label and see all of the ones that were in that group. We could also put our name- I like that one because I can seek out people I know or people who's work I've especially enjoyed.

Just an Idea...

Lacy said...

YOU'RE amazing Rachel :)
I am sad and feeling guilty that I haven't posted yet. I shall though..I shall. I AM commenting though, that's a plus right?
And now I'm realizing that I didn't know the little CC thing and hoping I havn't critiqued a non CC photo...oops.