Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Alright,is everyone taking a fresh breath and starting this challenge with a renewed commitment to push ourselves to be better photographers??? The sun is hopefully shining wherever you are, and I am pretty sure that TODAY is a great day for a picture. :)

The challenge today (since I am feeling a bit of spring in the air): FRESH

What inspires you when you think of this word? Remember, go beyond literal...FEEL more than THINK.

Let's work on having pictures in by midnight on Thursday.

And if you missed the last post, please read through so we are all on the same page. THANK YOU to everyone who gave feedback so far. Your comments were appreciated! I will put a schedule on the sidebar so that everyone who has signed up to do a Friday feature can know when to post your (THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING!!) That way you can even write a feature ahead of time and schedule it for your date so it automatically posts.

Sound good???

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